Lee Altman was raised in Washington state. He completed his MFA degree at Stanford University and studied with Nathan Oliveira and Frank Lobdell.

Lee’s mixed media on paper, oil paintings and prints seen in his portfolio evolve through the discovery process of working
in Series.

Linda Grebmeier was raised in California.
She completed her MA degree at Central Washington University and studied with Cynthia Krieble and George Stillman.

Linda’s oil paintings and monotype prints
seen in her portfolio focus on light, form
and color explored in industrial and
rural landscapes.

EXHIBITS: current art exhibitions

EXHIBITS: current art exhibitions

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When painters feel the need to make a shift toward self-discovery, they turn to black and white for a time. — Barnett Newman

Everything you can imagine is real. — Picasso

We perceive abstraction and figuration as contradictory. In contradiction lies energy --
most things that are important come in part out of contradiction
. — Catherine Murphy

It's not about painting life; it's about bringing painting to life. — Pierre Bonnard